Covid-19 Pandemic protocols for scheduling

To keep our families and staff as safe as possible we have implemented following protocol at the office :

Morning schedules  will be reserved for  WELL visits ONLY. If  parent bringing the child or the child is sick ,call to reschedule that well check up. If your child s well visit does not require vaccination and you wish to reschedule the visit , do call our office and get it rescheduled.

Afternoon appointments will be allocated for SICK visits only. We ask that only the patient  scheduled for appointment and one healthy parent or guardian come in for the visit. 

If the patient or parent has had exposure to known corona virus case  or has traveled recently to a community with transmission of corona virus in the last 14 days, PLEASE DO NOT COME into the office. CALL FIRST for instructions. You will be referred to the local health department for further testing. We are not equipped to offer Corona virus testing at our office. 

we advise that you bring your own toys, books,devices and masks if needed as we have very limited supply of masks. Please complete your check in process via the "my care plan app" on your own device so as to reduce  chance of germ spread. It will greatly reduce the time you spend at the office and enable you to use video visits when appropriate and needed.

Once you  arrive at the office for an appointment, notify front office  when you check in, and confirm the number where u can be reached as an exam room  becomes available.

We understand this is a stressful, trying time. Please maintain social distance, wash your hands, avoid touching your face. If you are sick, stay home. We will get thru this together.

We are always available by phone if you have any questions or concerns.

April 1,2020

Update from Dr Sue regarding Children and COVID 19 

March 22/2020

Here is a video message from Dr. Sue regarding COVID-19. current situation at our office.